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IBM XPages + Google Maps Mashup Application Download

An XPage viewPanel is an amazingly powerful control... that is often used solely as originally intended. Of course the viewPanel can be used to surface NotesData in a multi-document grid which is designed to emulate the traditional IBM Lotus Notes Domino View Design Element... but it is capable of much, much more.

For those of you interested in downloading the demo IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPages application from my Proof of Concept for the nested Panels inside of viewPanel Controls... wait no more!


IBM XPages + Google Maps Mashup (or Surfacing traditional Views as NotesViewEntryCollections with a viewPanel Control)


And quite possibly most important: a viewPanel Control does not care about its contents, but will rather simply display what you tell it to display!

What I mean by this statement is simply this: if you were to use the above viewPanel as-is, it would create a grid showing you absolutely nothing... but the viewPanel would rip through the 30 (or less if there are not 30 documents in the remote View) entries and display, well, nothing. Even more interesting, the Pager Controls know how many records there are in the remote View, so you could literally page through nothing until you hit the end of the NotesViewEntryCollection.

... but what if you put something in the viewColumn? What if, not caring about apple pie or all that's holy, you wanted to throw a bunch of controls in there that would do some really funky stuff?!

Online Demo

XPage Google Maps - Proof of Concept Google and XPages Mashup


XPages + Google Maps Mashup Application Download

Important Note

The NotesData used for this application is external to the xmaps.nsf NotesDatabase. Specifically, it uses the a remote data source pointing to a NotesDatabase in the DominoData root directory named "mab.nsf" and is nothing more than a Personal Address Book Template-based Lotus Notes Client app that's used to house and maintain the contact information used in this demo. If you deploy this application on your servers, it will not render content until you either a) change the path of the data sources to match your existing on-server Personal Address Book or b) create your own "mab.nsf".

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