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Using conditional arguments in SSJS functions for XPages

IBM Lotus Notes Domino 
XPages In JavaScript, arguments is a reserved word variable which contains an array of the arguments passed to the given function.

You can use the arguments to conditionally check for function arguments in JavaScript -- and thus Server-side JavaScript.

Here's a simple abstracted example of an @Post SSJS function that I'm using for an XPages MVC architecture framework that I'm writing:

var @Post=function() {

    var xDoc;

    if (arguments[0] != undefined && arguments[0] != null) {
        if (currentDocument == undefined) {
            xDoc = database.createDocument();
        } else {
            xDoc = currentDocument;
    } else {
        xDoc = arguments[0];



    if (arguments[1] != undefined) {

This function should be pretty simple to follow. Let's say I wanted to simply submit the currentDocument from within a NotesDocument-DataSource'd XPage:


In another case, I might want to call this from a dataTable Control (where rowData is the control variable and said dataTable is bound to a NotesDocumentCollection) to update a given NotesDocument from a view:


You can even pass a null for the first argument, saving either the currentDocument or creating a new NotesDocument, and finally redirecting the user back to the index.xsp XPage post-save:

@Post(null, "index.xsp")

Or, I dunno, update the parent NotesDocument of a given NotesDocument from a view dataTable Control:


Of course, this is just a simple example. Once you get the idea behind using arguments, you can do some really slick stuff... like feed a function a list of UNIDs:

var @ApproveRequest = function() {

    var xDoc:NotesDocument;

    for( var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++ ) {
        xDoc = database.getDocumentByUNID(arguments[i]);
        xDoc.replaceItemValue("status", "Approved");


Now, of course I'd use an Array object in JavaScript to store those UNIDs... but you get the idea. Pretty slick stuff once you get your head around it.

Have a better example use of conditional arguments? Share them below in the comments section!

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