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FYI: Google Sync + Blackberry + Notes Calendar = Word of warning!

I could have entitled this post "How to make people that you respect hate you forever!", but luckily I think that Scott found an acceptable workaround.

So, what am I getting at? Oh, just the fact that Scott's following my suggestion in creating a 3-party synchronization solution between the Lotus Notes calendar, your Blackberry device calendar and your Google calendar via Google Sync ultimately caused a huge PITA event during the busiest time of the year for any successful IBM Business Partner!

So I figured, Google is smart, surely they wouldn't delete the entries that I created in Notes, right? WRONG. It wiped out 8 weeks of my appointments, and the Blackberry diligently sent cancellation notices on all of the meetings to the participants I had invited.

Check out Scott's whole story to find out how Lotus Notes 8.5 saved the day, and why you should never have complete faith in an idiot!

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