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XPages, Domino Designer in Eclipse, Package Explorer, and the case of the missing

IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPages Enabling the Packet Explorer View Pane within the IBM Domino Designer in Eclipse Client will allow you to see your Lotus Notes Domino apps in a new light and give you access to things like the -- a resource critical to advanced XPage development.

The resource can be used to set global variables and override default rendering or behavior for your XPages.

To find the resource, you must enable the Package Explorer, where you will find the resource in the [db]\WebContent\WEB-INF\

It's missing by default, however...

Missing resource in IBM Domino Designer in Eclipse

That's because the resource is not created until you first save the Application Properties in the Domino Designer in Eclipse Client.

Application Properties in IBM Domino Designer in Eclipse

Once you've saved the Application Properties Design Element, you will see your resource in the DDE Package Explorer! resource in IBM Domino Designer in Eclipse

Now you can add global variables to your XPages like foo=blah or (as pointed out by Niklas on my last post) disable the rendering of the Dojo Script Libraries via xsp.client.script.libraries=none.

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