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Course Unit Slidedeck: JSON Objects and Arrays - Intro to JavaScript

I've been asked by several developers and people interested in developing what my free online course is all about.

If you're not familiar with my "free online course", back on April 20 of this year I setup a Google Classroom course in an attempt to share with Notes/Domino application developers what I've learned over the years about web application development. To make things easier for everyone involved, the course is designed to be a self-paced course that tackles HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and eventually different frameworks and libraries.

The course syllabus (yes,I wrote a course syllabus) broke down the topics I wanted to cover into units, starting with "intro"-level units, then intermediate, advanced, and finally the aforementioned frameworks, libraries, and applied theory.

I just released the final unit of Intro to JavaScript, and I thought I'd share the JSON Objects and Arrays slidedeck here:

Specifically check out the coverage on the difference between null, undefined, and variables that do not exist. I see far too much code that doesn't seem to understand falsy returns which I think were added specifically to counter this lack of understanding.

Right now, this course has 131 students. I assign and grade "builds", and try to provide feedback on questions about the topics covered in the units... as well as any specific issues the students are running into when trying to apply what they've learned in the course to their daily development practices.

Here are some details on the course, including how you can join and what topics we're covering. The course, Introduction to Web Development for Notes Developers, is free and designed both for Notes Domino developers and those who are interested in learning web application development but are not too sure where to start.

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