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RIM's Blackberry Connections Client - First Impressions (Part 2)

RIM's Blackberry Connections Client - First Impressions - Part 1

So, once installed, I was greeted with a really slick v8-esc Connections Client icon:

Check out Chris's article to get the how-to on connecting with your BleedYellow credentials.

Once in, we see the Connections Client home page - giving us access to Profiles, Dogears, Communities*, Blogs*, and Activities*.

Profile Search is pretty slick, allowing us to use the Profiles as a Mobile Directory, with call-out capabilities - very cool!

Dogears - this can be useful for the maintenance of mobile device client-friendly links and resources.

The rest of the client - and this is what loses me - is simply links to the web implementations of Communities, Blogs, and Activities.

Yeah - Activities isn't handled in this local client - W.T.F?!

So, to sum up:

  1. RIM doesn't know how to get me the app.
  2. Thankfully, our community rocks!
  3. It looks purty...
  4. Profiles and Profile Search will give you a pseudo-mobile directory on your device - pretty slick.
  5. Dogears... ok, I can see where this might be useful.
  6. Communities and Blogs - meh, grab a feed reader.
  7. By far the biggest let-down: Activities are not maintained in the device.
  8. That's my "First Impressions" having used this for the past few days, and while it's looks slick and I'll certainly use the Profiles - I'm looking forward to the next release in hopes that they'll include Activites.

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