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Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 Hangouts Hangouts

Based on the amazing feedback to my post from the other day, So you are NOT going to Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013, I've put together the current schedule of Google+ Hangouts that I'll be hosting.


I plan on hosting a Hangout each day next week at 11AM Eastern US. Each Hangout will last at least 30 minutes, while some might take the entire hour and cover various topics.

If you are interested in sitting in as a speaker on a given topic/panel, please let me know either via the comments below or via email at You will need the following to participate as a speaker / panelist:

  • A Google+ Account
    Just putting this out there -- you'll need a Google+ account, and you'll have to add me (and I'll have to add you) into at least one circle.

  • A Webcam
    Can't be camera shy -- if I'm putting my ugly mug out there, you'll have to do the same!

  • Decent Internet Connectivity
    We will all want to hear what you're saying, but if you're joining us from a Starbucks right before the lunchtime rush...

Note: Please also understand that panel space/positions are limited, so if I get back to you with a heart-felt, "Thank you, but we're booked solid for that topic...", it's absolutely nothing personal, and you're on the books to sit in as a panelist/speaker at the next like-topic hangout.

Day Time Topic
Monday 11AM Getting Started with IBM Notes and Domino XPages
Tuesday 11AM Modernizing IBM Lotus Notes Client Applications
Wednesday 4PM Mobilizing IBM Lotus Notes Client Applications
Thursday 11AM Using JavaScript and CSS Frameworks with XPages
Friday 11AM So.. what did we miss in Orlando?

If you wish to participate and not be on the panel, I will be livestreaming each hangout. The easiest way to access the livestream URL (which I won't know until we actually start the hangout) is to use the following URL:

This URL will take you to the current hangout livestream.

To interact with me or any of the panelists, I think the best way to do that is to use Twitter. Simply "Hey @ChrisToohey, ..." me and I'll work your question/feedback into the hangout.

11AM not work for you? No worries - Google+ Hangouts can be recorded, so expect the playback to be (almost immediately) available either here or on my YouTube channel.

... and I think that covers it. This should be fun! Again, if you want to participate as a panelist/speaker let me know below or via email. If you just want to sit back and watch, go to and you'll be redirected.

And if this goes well, I can see more Hangouts in our future!

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