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SOTU - Remote Console Command Utility v0.3

I was once asked why I would created a little application that would do nothing more than what could be done with a simple SmartIcon. When I created SOTU - my Remote Console Command utility, it's v0.1 release was a simple utility that - yes - was an extended version of what you could do with a simple SmartIcon. v0.2 gave you the option to configure a simple Sidebar Widget, and allow you to issue Remote Console Commands to your Domino servers with even greater ease. With SOTU v0.3, you won't even have to fire up your laptop!

Simply point your mobile device's WAP browser to sotu.nsf/mobile, and you will be presented with a simple WAP-enabled Form:

SOTU - Mobile/WAP 
UI Screen Capture: 1

From here, you can select the Server and enter a console command. Click the Issue Command button, which submits the request via POST to a simple Domino Agent which uses the SOTU Script Library and issues the remote console command.

SOTU - Mobile/WAP 
UI Screen Capture: 2

Once properly executed, the browser is redirected to sotu.nsf/mobile, and can quickly see the response (if any) from the Remote Console Command via a pseudo-embedded View at the bottom of the mobile Form.

SOTU - Remote Console Command 
Utility v0.3

Quick Tip: For you Blackberry users, you can use Showtime to create a simple Channel Push icon for your Admin team and quickly deploy this application just in time for Lotusphere!

Here's a quick icon set that I used for my team - both a standard and an updated icon, shown respectively:

SOTU v0.3 - Showtime 
Blackberry Icon - Standard SOTU v0.3 - 
Showtime Blackberry Icon - Updated

See how I tie things in (eventually)?!

Also, v0.3 has no error handling in the mobile.engine which handles the request... and for good reason. If you get an Agent Done response form the Agent... then something's broken, and it's more than likely a permissions issue with the Remote Console security stuff (which can be changed on the Server Document). The Remote Console Command will be issued by the server, so make sure you have everything from a security side setup or you'll likely see something like this on the server console/log:

SOTU v0.3 
Remote Console Command Utility - Mobile Server Console security error

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