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Junction Lite v1.1

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Junction Lite allows you to create NotesDocuments in a defined target NotesDatabase from data in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

Each Job Document allows you to define a source Spreadsheet, a target NotesDatabase, and additional @Formula-driven NotesItems that are evaluated at import Runtime.

The idea is simple: Each Row in your Spreadsheet == 1 new NotesDocument in the defined target NotesDatabase!

As of version 1.1, you can now choose a Job Document Type:

Type Function
Import 1 Row == 1 NotesDocument, aka direct import of the Excel Spreadsheet into the NotesDatabase.
Merge-Only Using the first column of your Excel Spreadsheet to match the first [sorted] Column of your Target Notes View, you can now merge/update existing NotesData from a spreadsheet.
Merge and Import When a match is found [see above], the NotesDocument is merged/updated. When there is no match for the defined key, the Row will be imported as a new NotesDocument in the NotesDatabase.

Junction Lite allows you to import data sourced from Microsoft Access, SQL, or any other spreadsheet-generated data source.

Sales people tracking their leads and customer contacts in Excel? Bring that business-sensitive information into a Lotus Notes application within minutes with Junction Lite!


As with all of my other $5 apps, this application is licensed per Lotus Domino Domain.

This means you have unlimited usage of Junction Lite v1.1 within your single Lotus Domino Domain for the low purchase price of $5 USD.

Additionally, those of you with licensed copies of Junction Lite v1.0 can download the v1.1 at no additional charge!

Simply use the download URL supplied at the time of purchase (you should have a follow-up email from with the link) or simply email me at the aforementioned address and I will get you the download URL. is powered by IBM Notes Domino XPages & hosted by Prominic.NET

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