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Gamification, Onboarding, and Adaptive User Interface Design Consulting

Take your existing applications to the next level by educating your users via the same psychological principals adopted by the game industry.

Gamification is altering the way users interact with enterprise applications. Our adaptive user interfaces - based on user experience metrics and other gamification principles - can be used to help onboard new employees, educate employees on new business process, and improve user engagement, data quality and ROI.

Gamification is the practice of using game tactics and user experience techniques to create habit, which speaks to the core of our consulting services: we use the same psychological principals for behavior modification to quickly and remotely train and educate your users.

Most gamification solutions rely solely on Operant Conditioning and employing adaptions on the "Skinner Box" method. We can better engage your users beyond "points" and "badges".

Though platform, technology, and even use case Progressive Enhancement, we'll have you onboarding employees and remotely training entire sales teams on new products and services - all through our Adaptive User Interface Engine and skilled consulting services.

  • Gamification, Onboarding, and Adaptive User Interface Design Consulting
  • Starting at $75 / Hour is powered by IBM Notes Domino XPages & hosted by Prominic.NET

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