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Application Modernization

Take your current apps to the cloud and mobile-enable your employees.

Have an old Lotus Notes Database or Excel spreadsheet that Sales is begging to have web-accessible? Tired of Marketing downloading free apps from their smartphone and tablet marketplaces and storing sensitive company data across a non-secured cloud? Then check out our Application Modernization Services!

Our approach to Application Modernization is unique in that we customize our practice to meet the individual needs of our customers.

A typical Modernization project consists of the following services:

  • Technology Platform Analysis
  • Target User Community Analysis
  • Modernization Project Planning
  • Modernization Project Management
  • Admin & User Training and Documentation
  • Deployment Management

We don't simply throw a Responsive Web Design framework around your current application, and we don't try to implement only the latest trending development and design standards around your "web-enabled" Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We review each unique project and work with you to define the best course of action to meet your specific business needs.

Need to make your Sales team completely mobile, while giving them access to their mission-critical applications and services, all while supporting your recent BYOD smartphone and tablet strategy? Give our Modernization services a try!

  • Application Modernization
  • Starting at $65 / Hour is powered by IBM Notes Domino XPages & hosted by Prominic.NET

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